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Unix/Linux — .Xdefaults in X-Win32

February 27, 2011

In order to be able to use your .Xdefaults file in X-Win32 you have to do the following.

  1. Copy your .Xdefaults file to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\ Local\StarNet\X-Win32\Xdefaults. Where USERNAME is your Windows user name.
  2. Disable the Set Xresource Defaults option in the X-Win32 X-Config’s Window tab.

Windows – PuTTY and XWin32

August 3, 2006

To get X11 applications in Windows you need to start XWin32 and enable X11Forwarding in PyTTY.

In PuTTY go to Connection -> SSH -> X11, check the Enable X11Forwarding option, and in X display location field specify localhost:0.

Do not forget to enable X11Forwarding on sshd. To do that add X11Forwarding yes to /etc/ssh/sshd_config and restart sshd.

Windows – cygwin – SSH server

July 29, 2006

To start the cygwin SSH server:

net start sshd

For more information:

Windows – SVN and SSH with PuTTY

July 20, 2006

How to use SVN and SSH with PuTTY:

  • you need: putty, plink, pagent, puttygen
  • generate a key using puttygen and add it to the server’s authorized_keys
  • run putty, create a session for the SVN server host, with the username set in Connection -> Auto-login username
  • run pagent, import the private key generated above
  • in “Documents and Settings/user/Application Data/
    , set:

ssh = $SVN_SSH plink

  • make sure plink is in PATH
  • use SVN normally

Multiple Projects in a Visual Studio

July 20, 2006

Headway Tool Tips: Dealing with Multiple Projects in a Visual Studio

Having difficulties generating a combined .bsc file for multiple projects in a visual studio in Headway reView? Follow these four easy steps and get back on track:

Set ProjectSettings/C++/Generate Browse Info. DO NOT set ProjectSettings/Browse Info/Build Browse Info File. This will build all the .sbr files for each .o without building the .bsc. If working outside VS (ie: in makefiles only) use the /FR compiler option.

. Now that all your .sbr files are built, go to the top level directory and list all the .sbr files. Make sure none of the files are of 0 length-if there are 0 length files, delete them. Use the following command to list them and write them to a file: dir/s/b *.sbr > sbrs.txt

Edit sbrs.txt to add the options you want to provide to the bscmake command eg /n /v /o myproject.bsc.

4. Provide the sbrs.txt file as input to your bscmake file eg bscmake @sbrs.txt. This will generate a bsc file for your whole project.


My gen_bsc.cmd file:

echo /n /v /o pcPro.bsc > sbrs.tmp
for /f “delims=;” %%i in (‘dir/s/b *.sbr’) do @echo “%%i” >> sbrs.tmp
bscmake @sbrs.tmp
del sbrs.tmp