C/C++ – _M_underflow_common


When you define you own character traits (e.g., ignorecase_traits – to ignore the case when comparing strings) you might run into the following link error:

In function `std::basic_filebuf<char, ignorecase_traits>::uflow()'::
undefined reference to `std::basic_filebuf<char, ignorecase_traits>::

The solution is to add the following to one of your CC/CPP files:

struct cGet_M_underflow_common : std::basic_filebuf<char> {
  int_type mGet_M_underflow_common(bool b) {
    return _M_underflow_common(b);

icfielbuf::int_type icfielbuf::_M_underflow_common(bool bump) {
  return reinterpret_cast<cGet_M_underflow_common *>(this)->

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