Emacs – change case


In order to change the case in Emacs you can use:

M + l to change to lowercase all the letters from the cursor to the end of the word
M + u same meaning, but upercase
M + c same meaning, but capitalizes


4 Responses to “Emacs – change case”

  1. skybert Says:

    Yes, these shortcuts are great.

    Just a wee note; Emacs shortcut notation is normally written with ‘M’ (Meta) and not the actual key acting as Meta (normally Alt or Esc). Not that I mind, it’s just I’ve never seen it written with anything else before 🙂

  2. rvernica Says:

    Thanks for the comment, I edited the post.

  3. rajarshitiwari Says:

    thanks man!
    It was helpful.


  4. naisanza Says:

    These are great. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

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