Mounting a jffs2 image


How to mount a jffs2 image:

# insmod mtdcore
# insmod mtdram total_size=16384 erase_size=256 (16meg flash Ipaqs )
# insmod mtdram total_size=32768 erase_size=256 (32meg flash Ipaqs )
# insmod mtdblock
# insmod jffs2
# dd if=rt.jffs2 of=/dev/mtdblock/0 (copy the root image to the device )
# mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock/0 /x

If you don’t automatically have the device nodes /dev/mtdblock/0, /dev/mtdblock/1, and /dev/mtdblock/2, create them as follows (as root):
# mkdir /dev/mtdblock
# cd /dev/mtdblock
# mknod 0 b 31 0
# mknod 1 b 31 1
# mknod 2 b 31 2



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