Flowing Text Around Figures in LaTeX


There are several LaTeX packages that purport to do this, but they all
have their limitations because the TeX machine isn’t really designed
to solve this sort of problem. Piet van Oostrum has conducted a survey
of the available packages; he recommends:


floatflt is an improved version (for LaTeX2e) of floatfig.sty,
and its syntax is:

\begin{floatingfigure}[options]{width of figure}
figure contents

There is a (more or less similar) floatingtable environment.

The tables or figures can be set left or right, or alternating
on even/odd pages in a double-sided document.

The package works with the multicol package, but doesn’t work
well in the neighbourhood of list environments (unless you
change your LaTeX document).


wrapfig has syntax:

\begin{wrapfigure}[height of figure in lines]{l|r}[overhang]{width}
figure, caption, etc.

The syntax of the wraptable environment is similar.

Height can be omitted, in which case it will be calculated by
the package; the package will use the greater of the specified
and the actual width. The {l,r,etc.} parameter can also be
specified as i(nside) or o(utside) for two-sided documents, and
uppercase can be used to indicate that the picture should
float. The overhang allows the figure to be moved into the
margin. The figure or table will entered into the list of
figures or tables if you use the \caption command.

The environments do not work within list environments that end
before the figure or table has finished, but can be used in a
parbox or minipage, and in twocolumn format.

From: http://www.it.ms.unimelb.edu.au/tex/help/faq/uktug-faq/texfaq_12.html


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