Change position of titlebar buttons in Metacity


If you want to have that authentic aqua look then you’re going to want to change the position of the buttons in your window titlebars from the right (in the Windows style) to the left (in the Apple style). This is quite easy to do in Gnome, here is how.First of all you’ll need to run “gconf-editor“, this can be done either from a terminal or from the actions menu which you may have on your title bar (under run program).

Next, you’ll need to go to apps > metacity > general in the left hand panel in the gconf-editor. In here you will need to find “button_layout”.

Finally, change “menu:minimize,maximize,close” to “close,minimize,maximize:menu” by double clicking and changing the text in the window that appears.

You should now have your buttons on the left hand side of all of your windows, with a decent theme, this will give your windows an authentic aqua look.



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